Anabel Caride

Anabel Caride (Seville, 1972) earned her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Philology. She has worked as a literature teacher in numerous high schools in the south of Spain, and now teaches in the Instituto Picasso in Seville. She has written short shorts, short stories and poetry, the genre in which she has published the two full-length poetry collections Nanas para hombres grises (Lullabies For Grey Men), and Tinta en el almanaque (Ink On The Almanac)—and the chapbook Inventario de desahucios (Eviction Notice). Frequently publishing in numerous literary journals, Caride’s work has also appeared in the anthologies Los vicios solitarios (Solitary Vices), Poesía viva de Andalucía (Living Poetry from Andalucia), Poetas en el camino (Poets on the Path), Femigrama, Poetas para el siglo XXI (Female Poets for the XXI Century), and Poetas andaluces contemporáneos (Contemporary Female Poets from Andalucia).

(en Español)

First posted on October 3, 2011 1:41 PM