Luis Muñoz

Leave Poetry

Leave Poetry
in the original Spanish

For subtracting when you add.
For filling your table with birds.
For taking you where you don’t know how to leave.
For punishing you without speaking.
For telling you: you are alone.
For preferring you carry the burden
of the pain of centuries
when you feel refreshed.
For its preposterous magnet.
For the thirst it produces
when it pretends to be water.
For its parallel life.
For speaking to you
when you want to sleep.
For its pride of a misguided beast.
Because it looks at death
out of the corner of its eye
when it sings oh beauty.
For not giving explanations.
For sufficient.
For insufficient.
For drinking the shadow of tomorrow.

Translated by Curtis Bauer

"Leave Poetry" is from Cleaning Fish: Collected Poems, 1991-2005 (Visor, 2005); this English translation appeared in The Dirty Goat #25.

First posted on August 19, 2011 6:41 AM