Camille T. Dungy

Camille T. Dungy at Messalonskee High School, Oakland, Maine, September 30, 2005

Fishouse poets at Messalonskee High School
Lola Haskins, Douglas Woodsum, Camille Dungy, and Matt O’Donnell at Messalonskee High School, Oakland, Maine, September 2005.

On September 30, 2005, Camille Dungy read at Messalonskee High School, in Oakland, Maine, at the invitation
of fellow Fishouse poet, Douglas Woodsum, who teaches English there (Messalonskee is also the high school
alma mater of Fishouse founder Matt O’Donnell). Special guest Lola Haskins recited a couple of her poems as
well, Woodsum’s creative writing class explored From the Fishouse in the library’s computer lab, and Dungy,
Haskins, and O’Donnell then visited with the class to talk about poetry, writing, and the creative process.
Listen to the full reading
(approx. 30 minutes) and/or
listen to the poems individually:

Full Reading
Camille Dungy

  • The Preacher’s Eat Out
  • Service Station, Tennessee
  • The Abattoir
  • My Grandmother Takes the Youth Group to Services
  • Dinah in the Box
  • Lola Haskins

  • I may not yet write
  • Winston, you were wrong
  • Q&A
    Camille Dungy answers audience questions about:

  • writing in high school
  • writing other than poetry
  • being a young black writer