Hélène Cardona


Fall asleep at the lake tonight,
No boundaries, like a fairy,
I’m the eagle song, a calling,
Light defying gravity,
Someone you could steal horses with,
Case of mistaken identity,
Tears transforming into fish in the air,
Force that propels forward,
Surrenders, proclaims who I am,
With the kind of passport God has,
Her will an explosion,
Words for bullets,
I’ll bring you everything I have to offer,
Stardust, silence,
Grace from heaven and flutes like wind,
Impish, mischievous, good and bad,
Pulled out of myself into the spell,
I’ll ask anything, the unthinkable,
I move so fast, breathless,
Delicate craftsmanship,
I must’ve walked on all fours,
Elongated, neither human nor animal,
Creature you only see in magic.



“Spellbound” is from Life in Suspension (Salmon Poetry, 2016).