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Since 2004 From the Fishouse has showcased the freshest and most dynamic emerging voices in American poetry reading their own poems, as well as answering questions about poetry and the writing process in order to offer the public greater access to the voices of emerging poets, and to provide an educational resource to students and teachers of contemporary poetry. Through our newly redesigned website we have expanded our vision to include poetry and audio recordings by emerging poets from around the world. This translation section offers the public new access to the work of our contemporaries outside the United States, emerging poets writing in Chinese. These poets from across the Chinese speaking world read their work in the original Chinese, as well as respond to a series of questions about craft, writing and literature. The poems are translated by emerging American poets and translators who also read the work in translation. Writers, students and teachers of contemporary poetry may access the text of the original version while listening to it in English translation as well as read the English version while hearing the musicality of the writing in the author’s original language.


Note: The calligraphy in the image at left spells out “Fishouse” and was a gift from poet Wind Lin.

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