Questions for Q&A

From the Fishouse is designed to be, in part, a resource for teachers and students of contemporary poetry. What better way to learn about poetry than from the mouths of those who practice the art?
Please record your answers to a few of the following questions:

1. Discuss the formal strategy you employed in a particular poem you have
submitted to the Fishouse.
2. How do you determine what form a poem will take? For instance, do you sit
down to write a cento? Do you sit down to write long lines, or does the poem
itself dictate that to you?
3. Discuss the genesis of a particular poem you have submitted to the Fishouse.
4. Discuss a particular poetry project on which you’re currently working.
5. What poem do you wish you’d written? Why?
What line of poetry do you wish you’d written?
6. How did you become interested in poetry? In writing poetry?
7. Do recall the first poem you wrote?
8. What has been the most difficult obstacle for you becoming a poet?
9. What is the most pleasurable aspect about writing for you?
What is the most painful/difficult?
10. Do you have a special writing time, a certain writing ritual?
11. Do you have a piece of advice for young writers, aspiring poets?
12. Please suggest two other poets whose work Fishouse visitors might explore.
13. Please read your favorite poem and talk about why it is your favorite.
14. Do you read your work out loud when you write?
15. Do you experience a poem differently hearing it and reading it?
16. What is the literary value of the spoken word?
17. Please talk about From the Fishouse…
a) from the POV of a poet
of a poetry fan
a teacher
a student…
b) Is Fishouse succeeding; how might you improve it?