Recording Instructions

Digital Recorder: We will mail you (USPS Priority) a digital voice recorder. Once you have recorded your poems, you simply slip the recorder in the postage paid return mailer and mail it back to us. NOTE: New postal regulations require that you hand the package to a postal employee, and not simply drop it in a PO box (because the package is stamped and weighs more than 16 ounces).
Instructions for the Olympus DS-2 Recorder:

  • The “hold” button is engaged (on the left side of the device). It functions as the on/off button. Slide it down to power on; slide it up to power off.
  • The recorder is ready to record, simply press the red “REC” button to begin
  • Press the “STOP” button to stop.
  • The recorder can record for four hours, 25 minutes.
  • Please delete throwaway files or include a note that indicates such files for deletion. (Step by step instructions for erasing files can be found below.)
Watch Setup Video

Click on photo to watch a brief video that illustrates how to set up and repackage the recorder.
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  • Find a quiet room with little background noise.
  • Sitting at a table or desk, unfold the tripod, and fully extend the legs. Screw the recorder onto the tripod. Turn the adjustment screw to the right release the tripod head, angle the recorder back at 45 degrees, then retighten the adjustment screw (quarter turn to the left).
  • Attach the voice filter to the clip by one of the metal flanges on the outside of the ring.
  • The distance from your mouth to the recorder should be approximately 6 to 8 inches (the length of the blue travel case). If you read especially soft, a little closer, if you read loudly or will raise your voice in a poem, a little further (to about 12-inches max).
  • We recommend that you place the recorder between you and your reading material, so that you can lean in to the recommended speaking distance.
  • Wait three seconds after you press the record button to begin speaking, and three seconds after you finish before you stop the recorder.
  • Record each poem and each Q&A segment as a separate audio file.


Do not place the recorder on or near a running computer or other electrical devices. The microphone picks up the buzz of such appliances. It will also pick up squeaky chairs, turning pages, etc., which cannot be edited apart from the sound of your speech.
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