Julieta Valero

Scarcity As Seen From Europe


More than growth, aspire to vary the forms of your sanity.

Hold on to this body that looking toward its tropics keeps you good and hot.

For all those who work, the season of heaven is from Friday to Sunday.

To stop, to watch the passing clouds is still the starting point.

Mother nature but father market.

We have bartered desire for enthusiasm.

We are ready, media-ed, we are dead in the display case and horses without grassland.

In the end the aberrant is not the platitude of beauty but the chronicle of our blindness,

all of us so capable of procreation, on the other hand

we have to maintain our consciousness of the cross and a bottle in each hand

love as much as you can, eat very slowly

take a single shot beneficial to your fellow human beings

and no, this is not a resigned text, it is the diphthong of smile and calm

when the glass dresses half full because it sees your thirst coming back.



Translated by Curtis Bauer
“Scarcity As Seen From Europe” is from Autoría [Authorship] (Barcelona, DVD, 2010).


You can read and listen to the poem in the original Spanish here.