Julieta Valero

Siddhartha In Google


The story of the young prince who leaves his palace
and suddenly discovers disease and death,
trickery. Everything has happened so quickly…. Frustration,
charming, like sex. And necessary. We need
to eat a lot of fruit and understand Islam
and that the day would also like to have 24 hours
for us. But there is, I don’t know, a structural
error; outside and inside, perhaps.
The most serious of all, gaze.
Skin, the most delicate.

And there is a form of healthy
boredom, the absence of drugs.

Here they reward the end of youth with an attic.
Today I saw a stork nest on the tip
of a boundless crane and I have seen
the diagonal of need drawn by a greyhound.
I will never know it fled from the jury
which will not take my shock into account but
the way in which I explain my fondness for tying people up.

With time and a room more
or less empty many of us do not deceive.

Those with children access clear-cut forms of despair.

People in the Southern hemisphere do not have problems with the abstract.
Yes, they are wary of hurricanes.



Translated by Curtis Bauer
“Siddhartha In Google” is from Autoría [Authorship] (Barcelona, DVD, 2010).


You can read and listen to the poem in the original Spanish here