Steve Scafidi

Steve Scafidi at Bowdoin College, September 22, 2005

Steve Scafidi poster
Poster by Maine artist A.F. Norling.

On September 22, 2005, From the Fishouse was pleased to present a reading by Steve Scafidi, at
Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. The event, held at Roger Howell Jr. House, was in conjuction with
Bowdoin’s College House system, and made possible through a generous grant by the Mellon Foundation.
While on campus, Scafidi also met with students from Howell House to talk about poetry, writing,
and the creative process.
Listen to the full reading
(approx. 30 minutes) and/or
listen to the poems individually:

  • Full Reading
  • Ten-Letter Word for Lucky Man
  • The Latitudes of Desire
  • This Page
  • To Whoever Set My Truck On Fire
  • For Maurice Sendak
  • For the Last American Buffalo
  • Onlookers with the Burned Body of Jesse Washington, Eighteen-Year-Old African American, Waco, Texas, 1916
  • Pieta
  • Who Wants to Know What Love is Worth?
  • The Fiddle and the Drum