Submission Guidelines

for participating poets:

  1. Record and submit at least three poems (and as many as 10) on the Olympus DS-2 recorder we sent you. Poems may be any length (the recorder is capable of saving hours’ worth of material)
  2. Fill out, in complete, the Bio Info form from the link below, and submit it along with the text for the recorded poems

    From the Fishouse is happy to accept both previously published and unpublished work. Unpublished work appearing on the Fishouse is not bound to the Fishouse, and we are happy if you later place it in a print publication. We require simply that the print publication note that audio of the poem is available at www.fishousepoems.org

  3. Answer at least two of the questions on the Q & A section from the link below

We ask that you record your poems and return the recorder as soon as your schedule allows after receiving it, and keep it NO LONGER THAN TWO WEEKS.