Barbara Jane Reyes


there is ghazal swimming inside of her, wanting to be born. on the matter of foretelling, of small miracles,
cactus flowers in bloom on this city fire escape, where inside your tongue touches every inch of her skin,
where you lay your hand on her belly and sleep. here, she fingers the ornate remains of ancient mosques.
here, some mythic angel will rise from the dust of ancestors’ bones. this is where you shall worship, at the
intersections of distilled deities and memory’s sharp edges. the country is quite a poetic place; water and
rock contain verse and metaphor, even wild grasses reply in rhyme. you are not broken. she knows this
having captured a moment of lucidity; summer lightning bugs, sun’s rays in a jelly jar.
this is not a love poem, but a cove to escape the flux, however momentary. she is still a child,
confabulating the fantastic; please do not erode her wonder for the liquid that is your language. there is
thunderstorm in her chest, wanting to burst through her skin. this is neither love poem nor plea. this is
not river, nor stone.

Barbara Jane Reyes
Poem, copyright © 2005 by Barbara Jane Reyes
Appearing on From the Fishouse with permission
Audio file, copyright © 2005, From the Fishouse