Shane Book

Flagelliform #14

From a series called Flagelliforms


Ice in my foot.  Ice-foot.  

Guess I must sleep

in a stoop

on account

o’ somethin.  

Little bag lining me.    

Stomach grub  loves me  

loop knot 

lung shot   

this I know 

serious dipper dipping deeply

in the shade of a double-whip tree  tells me so 

Soooo… Darkie likes the bull-whip double time.

Darkie’s secret thick. An old whorled bit o’ nuffin.  

This is the news, the lookout among us

grateful with asbestosis.     



All clear.  

Now – an arrhythmia ascot

for Father Farcemeat, the Elder,

the acidic near-invisible one.  

Shall we?  Hitch Darkie up. 

Then we’ll stick him.

Then we’ll defoliate, and wash up for dinner. 

Hack hack hack hack hack. 

I’m sand and uneven.

I’m so alone. 



“Flagelliform #14” was first published in Qwerty, Summer 2004 issue.