La Tasha N. Nevada Diggs

laveau’s sojourn

hear me loosen from the alabaster


crosses     all    lose      grounding


             feathers from the cock

                          craft delicate flakes not of snow


no more bus tours

no more trampling over my charms

above ground under water I am calcium

milky spirals in ruby mud and splinter


I can rest now


with plastic and cinderblock

the markings are bloated                    inscribed with a telling mood


black is my conjure blues


what could my spells do now?

the rattle is drifting between a roof and a river

my handsome messengers float head down in fashionable white


all this

            good for my sleep

            I’ve not slept for a very long time


how un/peaceful these gates were

the levees lost  purpose

my neighbors some                  were  without a stone                    anyway


you’ve given enough coins

no more flowers now

leave no single note for your heart doting and twinge                                   

jot not another cross               please


these pores are filled

too cemented with wants and reprisal


                                                     when the water             subsides

                                                     my prayer will have bosomed


the freshness of cholera   and myth                goes further                            

I can rest