Tiffany Higgins

Let Us Be Rhythm

I want only to be rhythm.
I am done with things,
I don’t want to be a thing
Not a person
Not an object of fame or admiration
I want only to be rhythm
I want to pack up my things
And burn them
So when I float
            off on the island
                                      of light
With only my backpack of wishes,
My presence, my desires,
My being
I am light
I am only undulation,
I am easy,
I have learned to eat sun
As my sustenance,
And it is enough,
It is good,
It is the beginning
And the ending,
It is enough,
I am done with things,
I want only to be rhythm,
I want only to be moved
By the swaying back and forth
Of the waters
Of the air,
The pulsing in and out
Of the waters
Of my chest,
That which feels,
That which is
Without apology
Or recrimination
I feel, I will feel
Thinking be done with it,
There are too many
Thoughts crowding us,
Too many memes,
No room to feel.
Let us feel
Let us be
Let us breathe
As one synchronous,
Synergistic, incestuous
Craving cluster of being
Let us feel so intensely
The sorrow and vapidity
Of this life
That we open tragically
Our chests, our gaping ribs
Until our wounds bleed into one another,
Us and the beasts,
Us crazily,
Us bipolarly and schizophrenically,
Us applications, us programs,
Us authentically, us jubilantly,
Us emphatically,
Let us be, let us breathe
Spasmodically together,
Let us be done with objects,
Let us listen,
Let us be pure rhythm,
Let us feel it
And be undulation,
Let us drop every thing
But feeling and being,
Let us breathe crazily and with veneration,
Into one another’s sweat-grimed napes,
Let us be being,
Let us be the waves upon the sea
That appear suddenly
In our chests,
Throats, shoulders,
Abdomen, skin,
Groin, nostrils,
Toes, thighs, backs of knees,
Let us be easy
Let us be filled with
Every kind of every-
Day ecstasy.
Let us be
For the gods’ sakes,
God damn it,
God bless it,
Don’t prevent, us, please;
Let us be.