Chad Sweeney

Little Wet Monster

                                                       for our unborn son



The cornfield winds its halo darkly

Come home my little wet monster


Time in the copper mine, time in the copper

Come darkling soon come woe my monster


Distance shines in the ice like a flower

Come early little bornling


Before the furlight’s gone from going

Come rowing soon, come wet my monster


Before the bloodtrees bramble over

Come low my rainweed monster


Come antler through the gates my thingling

Your grapes contain the houses


Unmask the stones my darkling grief

Come whole my homeward early


You alone devour the night

Gather in your teeth, my zero


You devour the night’s holy sound

Come home my little wet monster



“Little Wet Monster” is from Parable of Hide and Seek (Alice James Books, 2010)