Rebecca Black

Mephista Summering

In the appaloosa’s ear

my Thumbelina directs

hooves by remote.

Cartoon angel formed

from clouds altered

by auto emissions.

Thus I commit

to omit all engines,

to the colony

via horsepower!

Feted by horse-

flies, bicycle rides,

jerked beef & blink,


in the salad. Tagalong,

have you unpacked?

I’ve ironed seventy-two

appellations for you, sister

formed from the seven

days, infinite

& divisible. Let’s

bless each bone depleting

bless each nerve bless

the spasm of all verbs.

Bless deer and poacher—

take it from that poor wren

pressing her breast

against each new scrap

her nest & obverse—bless

Hurt, I’m game.