Liz O'Donoghue

Scenes From Andalucia

Abandoned in Malaga
for the Sierra Nevada
Murphy went on
towards the roof of Spain…
by the fountain in
Plaza de la Constitucion
in a flurry of diamonte
fairly bellowing
a matador of incredible beauty
reined his white stallion
and blew
a mantilla of a tear
from my eye.
I am on my knees
in the luscious
gardens of Seville
with the tip
of my tongue
barely touching
your cheeks
and all the
Finnish tourists
are wondering why
the grapefruits
of the Alcazar
are not blushing.
Leaving Seville
out onto the autovia
through the olive green
and ochre country
past the hills of Don Quixote
south of La Mancha
against the blue
of the horizon
three glittering military trucks
speeding towards Sevilla
and Matador beside himself
dying for a coup.
Leaving Cordoba the White
out of the glare
out of the closeness
festooned with flowers
besotted by pot plants.
Brilliant in sun
and luminous in moon
cool courtyards
and baking streets.
I was invisible
thanks be to Santa Maria.
High on a mirador
looking north towards
the Alhambra magnificent red
in an October sun
sipping against white walls
the coldest bodka con cola
and while the gypsies
from the mountains
murder Beethoven with a flute
the Matador is singing
‘Cad a dheanfaimid feasta gan adhmaid?’

Liz O’Donoghue
“Scenes From Andalucia” is from Train To Gorey (Arlen House, 2009).