Heath Wing

The Bullet’s Way


the light which travels underneath my skin and inside my organs and comes out of me

through my pores and my holes and my eye lashes. that light carries patches of wind and ash.

burning smut from internal fires. i see my reflection in the flames and contract my muscles

in the heat of hellfire’s bones and metal shards. bazookas in opposing directions; I let the

sun set. and the light refracts. clear objects attempt to rip out my thoughts like strips of

chicken skin. grenade launchers. and I let the wind leave. east. west. i will not convince you

of anything. whoever stops this rainbow of blood. whoever detains the finite rain. i have a

license to kill and I am aiming far away. with blanks, yes. but you will know if this is or is not

a war. 



Translated by Heath Wing

“The Bullets’ Way” is from the book Epidermia, (El Gaviero Ediciones, 2011), which has not yet been translated into English.


You can read and listen to the poem in the original Spanish here.