Rebecca Black

The Dreaming Golem

And the other selves deployed:

my pretty crime tightens

the straps on her filched

shoes.  The decoy

sent downriver returns

riddled. Terrorista, bomb

taped to her heart. 

My roaring girl, smoking

gun.  You’re inviolable, cut-

purse, my specialist

with a butter knife. This

colony stocked with ivory,

blackest of all black

inks, any adjective

I desire. My continued

debauch, I renounce

all claims & insinuation.

My duped confessor,

hanged judge.

Always comes

the recurring (After you

dearest language)

surrender.  I’ve finished

your body off

with a colossal pencil

then shined my own

boots,  Miss Nightmare,

caper and epic chase. 

I’ll flee under Venus

til apprehended.