Ken Cormier

“The man who approached me in the theatre lobby and asked,

‘Did you hear about the woman who was in here earlier saying, “My psychologist was exactly correct when she said, ‘Don’t listen to people who say, “You’ve got to follow these instructions, which say, ‘Always listen when your mother says, “You’ve got that look on your face that means you’re thinking, ‘Why do I have to put up with my parents when they shout, “Don’t you dare stand there with that look on your face mumbling, ‘I hate you,’ because we can hear every word!” I mean, it’s so unfair,’ and you can just forget it right now,” because she knows what she’s talking about,’ or else you’ll screw it all up,” because they don’t understand who you are,’ and of course that’s what I pay her for,” before she demanded a refund and stormed out?’ and then didn’t even wait for me to answer before he left the theatre himself and walked off, staring at the sky.”