Genine Lentine

28 MPH

—This morning I read in the Times
the Book Review section—
—the average speed of ejaculation
is 28 Miles Per Hour—
—How fast must thoughts come then?
I hadn’t even finished the sentence—
—and already: every detail perfect, I’m testing
a working model—
—all that velocity in such close quarters!
Why did I think of you then—
—That you could have that much speed in you!
I wouldn’t want to be in the path—
—of a Volkswagen at that speed
and you’d get a ticket if a strict cop clocked you—
—at that clip in a school zone
why did reading that—
—in an instant deliver
one more way to want you—quick coalescent liquid you?

Genine Lentine
“28 MPH” is from Mr. Worthington’s Beautiful Experiments on Splashes (New Michigan Press, 2010).