Anabel Caride

Caribbean Mix


the neurons kick in

                        and people walk         

                                    without concern                      for a song with no message.

The hand that holds a daiquiri

                        rehearsed in front of the mirror

                        its courtship dance                              to shameless ovaries.

Chase the ghost of a penis without hair gel

that surprises the ear with something interesting

is a lost cause.

The eyes that look at you

prefer the bestseller of lace panties

to reading you Cortázar.



the blue princes hide                                                   in the sewers

of a city without puddles.                  

Caribbean Mix

in the original Spanish

Translated by Curtis Bauer
“Caribbean Mix” is from Nanas para hombres grises (Lullabies For Grey Men) (Diputación de Huelva, 2006).