Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

Face Sheet

“I the undersigned, hereby certify
I have custody of the records of birth
Relating to said child, in my office
And as required by the law.”
—Livingstone Adoption Agency
Confucius can’t spank me with a bamboo switch. I’ve folded paper cranes
for your journey here, learned Hangul from tutors so that I can greet you,

Father’s Name: No Records. Mother’s Name: No Records. Father’s Residence:
No Records. Mother’s Residence: No Records. Father’s Family: No Records.
omma, studied my face in the mirror – piecing together clues: this
flat nose, pointy chin are yours; these high cheekbones, brows are father’s.

Face Sheet for Child: Legitimate ___ Illegitimate ___ Foundling _X_
Distinguishing marks, features: ___ She is peevish. She takes 500 cc’s milk.
My mother joked I ran into the wall, squished my head, slanted my eyes. Said
My mother was a slut, trying to stay in business. I was bad for business. Said

She controls her neck & bowel movements well. Orphan status: Abandoned by:
Father: _X_ Mother: _X_ Include here all attitudes and motives of guardian in
I was lucky not to end up a slut too or dead. Said you didn’t name me,
so I’m not under contract. No agreements were made or terms defined us.

Releasing child for adoption: President Kim would like the baby in a nice home.
$450 Payable, Dec. 76. Remarks/File No. ___ Child’s attitude toward: N/A.

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
“Face Sheet” is from Paper Pavilion (White Pine Press 2007).