Stacey Lynn Brown

Gaither Memory #42


This one time, back when I was drinkin’, I was sittin’ up on the porch

and this old busy so and so come up to me and ask me could she have a drink of my bag,

and I says, “Have? Didn’t nobody done let me have this here bottle, why should I let you have any of it? Git yer own damn bottle, you old so and so…”

And that ole lady commenced to hollerin’ at me and fussin’ and she come up at me

but I had my sister, see, what’s got about a six inch blade,

so I got my sister out a my sock and started to cuttin’ that ole busy up, jus’ hookin’ it in,

afore I realized I’d better git on out a there,

so I run over to a friend’s what had a place where she was stayin’ at near there

but she wouldn’t open up the door for me, just opened it enough for to see me through that chain, then shut it back again,

so I run on home and changed my clothes and then I want back to that busy’s house

and did the same damn thing to her.

Your daddy bailed me out a the jail that night, but he didn’t know what for.

What happened to that first lady you cut up, Gate?

She didn’t never walk again.