Frank Giampietro

Me Spy With My Little Eye

      Me and my paper plate of fried chicken.

Me, the hero,

             un-jamming the big grey copier.

Me, the escalator?

             Me take the steps.

Me, and no more fifty-gallon fish tank.

             Me in my new hundred-dollar shoes,

and my, if me don’t cut my hair just so

             my head looks huge.

Me, my head is huge.

      Me, my Dad’s ancient, oily face,

             me like to kiss it.

Me fold clothes but no, no, no,

             me don’t put them away.

      Me  paying too much

for the teeny tiny house.

             Me asking for help,

cuz me can’t get no cheap flight to Malta,

                             me all stuck in sassafras.

             But not so with you, right?

      You’re  so smart  

and so cool, but I freakin’ spy you.



“Me Spy With My Little Eye” is from Begin Anywhere (Alice James Books, 2008).