Genine Lentine

Read ‘The World’

For [you], I cast [the world]
–eye level agave
has its own wrapping / is its own wrapping
between the wrapping and itself, nothing but itself
groove the blades make \ embossing self with self
plums jostle clean in a glass bowl of water
leafblade or plum–yes, closer, like that
pale green crown, glass bowl
I don’t care what form you take this time press
here on my shadow
I like it when you touch me there
everywhere casting
Would you mind standing here, where the planet would be?
where reality would be if I let it?
let me list the ways I’d like to [ ]
let me list
let me
and now I’ve disappeared.
(what I’ve been wanting all along)
saying it, I’m back
(all along what) I’ve (been wanting)
let me list rustle
your chapparal
divebell your vents
where I was standing—reality to be there
where I am standing—reality to be here
come here, speculative and spinning
come here, you flooded, burning rock

Genine Lentine
“Read ‘The World'” is from Mr. Worthington’s Beautiful Experiments on Splashes (New Michigan Press, 2010).