Estha Weiner

“Scatology Series,”

Marek calls the erotic
sculptures he invites me to see
at the gallery where I run
into the man
who’d once been my life,
who’d introduced me to Marek;
“Scatology Series,” to which I bring
another man, whom I met through
another man, who has twice been my lover,
and friend to both men I’ve already mentioned,
but not to Marek, whose wife is here
and helped with the opening of “Scatology Series,”
although they’re living apart;
and I gaze at the objects
Marek has sculpted, sensuous urinals
in purest white porcelain, mounted
on steel, and I learn
that the man who’d once been my life
will be married in autumn,
(although this didn’t happen),
and I leave with the man
whom I brought to the gallery
who will soon have to leave
to dine with the son of the woman
who has left him for the third time.

Estha Weiner
“Scatology Series,” is from the collection Transfiguration Begins at Home (Tiger Bark Press, 2009), and has also appeared in The Mistress Manuscript (Book Works, 2009); and The New Republic, August 4, 2007.