Ana Merino

Solomonic Method


Divide truth

in two halves,

add zest of lemon

to the driest part,

look at the darkest side

to sweeten it up.


Let them cook,

mix them with corn meal

and thoughts of lava from the volcano,

stir slowly

so lumps won’t form

and so the bottom doesn’t burn.


Wait for however long

it takes,

until the words

turn back into appetite

and hunger transforms us

into silent silhouettes.


Chew each piece


of the truth

on the table,

served piping hot

on a plate of shadows

decorated with tiny flowers

and dead grasshoppers.


And eat it all,

even if we only believe half of it.



 Translated by Elizabeth Polli


“Solomonic Method” is from CELL MATE (Harbor Mountain Press, 2007).


You can read and listen to the poem in the original Spanish here.