Sandra Beasley

The Sand Speaks

I’m fluid and omnivorous, the casual

kiss. I’ll knock up your oysters.

I’ll eat your diamonds. I’m a mutt, no

one thing at all, just the size that counts


and if you’re animal small enough, come;

if you’re vegetable small enough, come;

if you’re mineral small enough, come.

Mothers, brush me from the hands


of your children. Lovers, shake me

from the cuffs of your pants. Draw

a line, make it my mouth: I’ll name

your country. I’m a Yes man at heart.


Let’s play Hide and Go Drown. Let’s play

Pearls for His Eyes. When the men fall

I like the way their arms touch, their legs

touch. There are always more men, men


who bring bags big enough to hold

each other. A man who kneels down

with a smaller bag, cups and pours, cups

and pours, as if I could prove anything.



“The Sand Speaks” is from I Was the Jukebox (W.W. Norton, 2010).