Camille T. Dungy

black spoon


            Billie Holiday


baby you were meant to be home     you were

meant to be what I ain’t never known     blue flame

done melted my song and you won’t tell me

if you’ll risk the curse between my thighs

won’t give me more than the music of your fingers

strumming my slip’s strap     your chest sings

to my heart’s ear while your wicked wisdom works

its secret privilege     but you won’t give me more

than your body tuned for walking out my door

hush now     I’m the one done let you in

here’s what I’ve been cooking     what I scored

before you came     you brought me nothing

I ain’t already known     I’m bright as a horn

listen     I’ll blow you down



“black spoon” was first published in Brilliant Corners, Vol 8, No. 2.