Eugene Ostashevsky

Alphabet for Tamar

A is for Axiom
that proved arbitrary.

B is for Binomial
whose terms never vary.

C is for Circumference
that goes around and around.

D is for Derivative
left to lie on the ground.

E is for e
(tautologically shown).

F is for Frustrum,
a beheaded cone.

G is for Games
in which all players lose.

H is for Horror
of the Hypotenuse.

I is for Identity,
when A=A.

What J is for,
I just cannot say.

K is another
katatonic letter.

L is the Lowest
common denominator.

M is for Moebius
whose head was all face.

N stands for Number
in the general case.

O is for “Oops,
I’m dividing by zero!”

P: Proposition
for which slapped was the hero.

Q is for Quotient:
“You guys smoked all the dope!”

R is Remainder
or so we hope.

S is for Sine curve
that reclines in the nude.

T is for Tangent,
absconding for good.

U is for Union
(what else could it be?).

V is for Venn diagram
which joins two, or three.

W is for Whole
that equals its part.

X is a variable
made up by Descartes.

Y is also a variable,
it transforms on the go.

Z is for Zero,
sometimes written as O.



"Alphabet for Tamar" is reprinted from Infinite Recursor Or The Bride Of DJ Spinoza (NY: StudioRADIA / Ugly Duckling Presse, 2005).