Eugene Ostashevsky

DJ Spinoza Talks to Flipper

He walks around walks around
DJ Spinoza

He looks like a circle
from which sticks out a snorkel

He says, Hey Flipper
You’re next in line

for the French throne!
For your directions aren’t overthrown

by th’element they swim in
You almost talk

whereas I sit under infinitesimal pieces of glass
instead of doing philosophy

If I were a rich man
all day I would tiddi-tiddi-dum

for the order of tiddi-tiddi-dum
repeats the order of things

I know
it is so

            A cow flies
            A fly cows
            A rat larks
            A lark rats
            But a dog dogs
            A bug bugs

All sorts of things are happening
in the bayou

"DJ Spinoza Talks to Flipper" first appeared in Common Knowledge, 8:2 (Spring 2002).