Tina Pisco


You are catnip
to me. You are.
Just one whiff and I’m off-

all the hidden nooks
and crannies;
nuzzling all those places
only I ever get to smell and whose scent
makes me swoon and want to roll
around with you like bears in a meadow.
You are catnip
to me. You are
Just one kiss, like the first
kiss, like the last
and I’m off again-
like that first
night, like last
night, and the night before
and last Saturday afternoon
and still I want you again,
still I want you
I burrow into your arms,
curl between shoulder and neck;
and purring, fall asleep
with a smile on my face
and your taste
on my lips.

Tina Pisco
“Catnip” is from She be (Bradshaw Books, 2010).