Tina Pisco

Ten steps to stay sane

for Ray
Eat well
Better yet- cook well
Make bread by hand regularly
(and cakes, and jam)
Understand the importance of dessert
(Eat ice cream-
Not a lot
but seasonally
and from time to time
out of season)
Listen to live music
(at least twice a month
Better yet, play music
at least once a week)
Have a lot of fulfilling sex
Remember to take advantage of summer afternoons
to sleep in the sun
and winter evenings
to doze by the fire
Live somewhere beautiful
(If you can’t live somewhere beautiful
find somethingplace beautiful
to look at every day)
Love a lot
Have a relationship with as many species of animals as you can manage
(If you can’t have a dog or a cat or a horse or a pet rabbit-
Buy a bird feeder)
Notice hawks
on the highway
and rats in the river
Watch the plants
grow and die and grow
with the seasons
Get to know lots of people
Have many acquaintances
Love your family and friends
Have one great love
Talk to them
On the bus
In the waiting room
On the phone
Or in bed
Say I love you
and sleep
A lot.

Tina Pisco
“Ten steps to stay sane” is from She be (Bradshaw Books, 2010).