Emily Vizzo

If there was 1 word to characterize the spirit of the moment, it was Confidence

                                                              —David McCullough



What I love about California

is what the world loves about California


& tho they say there is no season

I know better.


The hospital where I was born

contains islands


in the windows & when I fed the dying

there I fed them


with my hands. When my mother

lay there with her cracked face


I bought plain mashed potatoes

& when she wouldn’t eat them


I ate them with 1 plastic spoon.

The house where my mother lives may contain


seasons that only she sees but I want

something decent


to enter her today, something

we can all love. Fire won’t feed the Santa Ana


but I do. Something somewhere

is burning California


but I do. I never saw what hit me

my mother keeps repeating


I never saw it coming