Sarah Gambito

Scene: a Loom

If I emulate you, where would my rafters be?

She pulls out her voice scale by scale. 

She thinks I do not hear her emotion. 

This is a shock.


To make it more specific— my people.


Children are the imminent sojourn. 

A maybe of love. 

Brilliant persuasion from the stands.


I buy you a plate of expensive pears.

I cut the pear in ½.


January 8th        We eat a ½.

January 8th        Someone dear to me has died.  Someone dear to me has died.

January 28th       Ito ay isang pagdasal para sa kapatid ko meaning  


He was unkind and she loved him. 

He left her on the impended highway and she loved him. 

He went away to the far country and she loved him.


I do not know the Lord. 

But he spoke in a lovely way.

Created.  Silvery citadel.



“Scene: a Loom” was first published in The Iowa Review.