Sarah Gambito

Shrewd and Beautiful is My New York

Cushioning up to what she really wants.


I took my earring out.  Had dinner with New York.

Spent the night with New York.


I mean.  It helps to see my body, my orthotricyclin.

Grinning and standing by the cake.


All while I am trying on my butterfly kite. 

I’ve made myself smaller and smaller so as to be able to sit atop my contraption. 

The only thing is I would like to fly this kite as well.

I want to be in both places.  Atop and below. 

But always engaged in the butterfly.


I want to be your undergraduate girl.  Your girl of golden headbands. 

And trusting environments.

I’m rare like this.  I want to find out what I already know


which is my heart in a basin,

washing the hands with


I look it up all the time.  I look up other people’s love all the time.

I’m an expert on “falling on new york”


You give and you give  you give when you do not want to give  you give you give 


you give when you do not want to give.


Because I am more than just myself.  I am my dreaming self

getting better at this.